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Live Operations, or LiveOps, in mobile games refer to delivering “games as a service”, including but not limited to new content, promotions, and events, often delivered without client releases. When developing new features, however, we often focus on the problem we are trying to solve right now. This article focuses on LiveOps in the early design phase instead.

An average puzzle game player plays 3 games at a time. According to the same report, main reasons to stop playing puzzle games are slow progress and boredom.

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codebar Helsinki is now over a year old; the idea having been born at a TEDx event here in Helsinki. There was a talk about volunteering which reminded James about how he used to coach at codebar Cambridge. We contacted codebar and that’s how it began!

The past year

Our first workshop was hosted by MOW back in June 2018, the co-working space in which James’s employer, Verifa, was located. Since then, we’ve met lots of other companies and to date we were sponsored by such well-known companies as Futurice, Fraktio, Gofore and Wolt to name a few. We’re grateful to all the…

To go along with the opening of a new codebar chapter in Helsinki, here is a quick Q&A with the organisers (Anastasia Kuprina and James Elderfield) to let them introduce themselves.

What motivated you to bring codebar to Helsinki?

Anastasia Kuprina

Senior Product Manager @Rovio, ex Seriously/Playtika. Organiser at codebar Helsinki

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